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Oven repair

Oven repairs in Perth are handled by CAI repair specialists at prices that will fit any budget. We are the premier appliance repair service in Western Australia and will get your oven, stove, or any other household appliance back in working order as soon as possible.

Our mobile technicians specialize in oven repairs and stove repairs of all major brands of gas or electric ovens. We are able to perform fast oven repairs for commercial and household ovens because we understand the importance of ovens for your business or family.

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We also service other brands such as;

  •  AEG
  •  Amana
  •  Ariston
  •  Baumatic
  •  Beko
  •  Blanco
  •  Bosch
  •  Chef
  •  DeLonghi
  •  Dishlex
  •  Electrolux
  •  Euromaid
  •  Fisher & Paykel
  •  Gaggenau
  •  GE
  •  Hisense
  •  Hoover
  •  IAG
  •  ILVE
  •  Kleenmaid
  •  LG
  •  Maytag
  •  Miele
  •  Neff
  •  Omega
  •  Panasonic
  •  Samsung
  •  Siemens
  •  Simpson
  •  Smeg
  •  Speed Queen
  •  Technika
  •  Venni
  •  Westinghouse
  •  Whirlpool

Oven Repair Perth

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CAI Appliance Services can repair a range of electric ovens for residential and commercial premises in Perth and the surrounding Western Australia suburbs. Here are some of the problems that our oven repair specialists frequently see. Common oven repairs:

Temperature not working – this could be caused by the temperature sensor, heating elements, gas igniter, or more. Obviously you won’t be able to cook properly if you can’t get an accurate temperature reading and this could actually cause food safety concerns for your family or business. It’s best to get this taken care of as soon as possible.

Food taking longer to cook – this means that your oven isn’t operating at its maximum efficiency, costing you time and money on your energy bills. This could be caused by a number of things.
CAI can find the root cause and get it fixed quickly.

Oven not turning on at all – most likely this is due to a wiring problem. You should leave this one to the professionals as to not do any further damage to your appliance.

Oven glass door smashed – although rare, this can happen. Even if the glass is only cracked and not completely smashed, this can cause tiny heat leaks which would make your oven operate inefficiently. It’s best to have this repair to save money in the long run.

Griller working but oven not heating – this is usually caused by a faulty heating element in electric ovens. You’ll need a replacement.

Oven door not closing letting all the heat out, therefore taking longer to cook – if your oven door is not closing all the way it may simply need to be cleaned around the door opening. If this still doesn’t fix the problem you may need to repair the closing mechanism or door itself.

Igniters not coming on (eg: 2 out of 4 work) – your oven may just need a deep cleaning or it could be a problem with the wiring or gas line. Our repair technicians can help you either way.

While it’s always a good idea to perform regular maintenance on your household appliances, you need to be very careful with oven repairs. Depending on the model you’ll either be dealing with heat and electricity or gas and fire both of which can be extremely dangerous.

It’s always better to leave these dangerous jobs to the professionals. CAI Appliance Services will repair your oven safely, quickly, and affordably. Call us now if you are experiencing any oven problems at 0415 343 413.

Call-out fee is $149* +GST which includes the first 30 minutes then $69 per 30 minutes thereafter. The cost of parts is additional. If you have a second appliance on the same premises, it will only be $69* +GST plus the cost of parts.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

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