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Dryer repair

Dryers and washing machines are a valuable, time-saving household appliance. They help washing and drying clothes become a rather quick and easy job. Most don’t realize how valuable their washer / dryer is until a problem occurs.

Having your dryer repaired or regularly serviced is a must. Even if it is still working, your energy bills may soar if your dryer isn’t operating efficiently.  If you have noticed a recent increase in your electrical bill, your dryer may be to blame.

Dryer repairs in Perth are handled by CAI repair specialists at minimal cost. We are the premier appliance repair service in Western Australia and will get your washing machine or dryer running efficiently as soon as possible.


CAI – Fast Dryer Repair Perth

Inside your standard household dryer is a spinning container called a tumbler.  The tumbler not only tosses your clothes around but also works to circulate the hot air inside.  Moisture from your wet clothes is pushed out of the tumbler into the ventilation system which carries it outside of your home. This then draws in dry air and reduces the time it takes to dry your clothes.

As you can imagine if any of this process is impeded, it will cost more time and energy to dry your clothes. Our dryer technicians can repair any part of this system to ensure your dryer is running efficiently and safely.  

We also service other brands such as;

  •  AEG
  •  Amana
  •  Ariston
  •  Baumatic
  •  Beko
  •  Blanco
  •  Bosch
  •  Chef
  •  DeLonghi
  •  Dishlex
  •  Electrolux
  •  Euromaid
  •  Fisher & Paykel
  •  Gaggenau
  •  GE
  •  Hisense
  •  Hoover
  •  IAG
  •  ILVE
  •  Kleenmaid
  •  LG
  •  Maytag
  •  Miele
  •  Neff
  •  Omega
  •  Panasonic
  •  Samsung
  •  Siemens
  •  Simpson
  •  Smeg
  •  Speed Queen
  •  Technika
  •  Venni
  •  Westinghouse
  •  Whirlpool


Importance of Dryer Maintenance

To prolong the life of your dryer, regular maintenance and upkeep should be performed.  Failure to do so will result in the need for more frequent dryer repairs, but also higher electrical bills and more importantly poses a fire hazard for you and your family.

Lint coming off your clothes can find its way into the inner compartments of your tumble dryer. A build-up of lint can cause your dryer not to be able to cool itself properly. The combination of excessive heat and the soft, dry lint can quickly ignite a fire within the dryer.

To avoid this, be sure to have your dryer professionally maintained and serviced by an experienced repair tech regularly. Calling a repair professional eliminates downtime and keeps your house running smoothly!

Common Dryer Repairs

In CAI’s 25 years of appliance repair service in Perth we have seen quite a few causes for dryer repair. Here are the most common repairs we see:

  •         Dryer is making strange noises
  •         My clothes aren’t drying
  •         Dryer won’t turn on
  •         Dryer is shaking/vibrating
  •         Low heat / no heat
  •         Doesn’t tumble


Help prevent fire hazards, high energy bills, and inconvenient breakdowns by scheduling regular professional maintenance with CAI Appliance Service today. Our mobile and experienced technicians perform appliance repair in Perth and the surrounding suburbs. Call us now for a free quote over the phone.

Call-out fee is $149* +GST which includes the first 30 minutes then $69 per 30 minutes thereafter. The cost of parts is additional. If you have a second appliance on the same premises, it will only be $69* +GST plus the cost of parts.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

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