Washing machine repair

Most people only realise the value of their washing machine when it breaks. Hauling all your clothes to the local laundromat or, even worse, hand washing them can be a time consuming hassle.

Fortunately, your washing machine doesn’t have to be out of service along with CAI’s speedy mobile repair services.  Our experienced technicians can fix all your washing machine and dryer repairs. We’ve been serving Perth and the surrounding suburbs of Western Australia for over 25 years. 

If you’re having problems with your commercial or household washing machine, don’t hesitate to call us at 0415 343 413 for a free quote over the phone.


Common Washing Machine Repairs

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If you’ve noticed problems with your washing machine, we encourage you to schedule a repair with our mobile repair technicians as soon as possible. We service all major washing machine brands and models. The sooner you identify and resolve the issue, the less likely further damages will be caused.

Here are common problems you might be experiencing:

  • Washing machine bounces around – If your washing machine is bouncing around or vibrating excessively it may be due to an unlevel surface. This can be due to poor construction or a wooden floor which has weakened over time. Worn out damper pads on the bottom of the washing machine may also be the cause. Either way, an uneven surface can put disproportionate stress to certain areas as the drum inside spins. Over time this can cause serious damage and may force you to have to buy a new washing machine.
  • Washing Machine is Leaking – If your washing machine is leaking this could be due to worn out hoses , bad connections of hoses, leaking pumps or tubs, clogs, or even too much soap. Don’t forget your washing machine runs on electricity, so mixing this with water can cause serious damage to your machine or yourself. Be sure to get a professional to perform your washing machine repairs.
  • Washing Machine Drains Slowly – If your washing machine is draining but extremely slowly, chances are there is a clog in the drainage hose. You need to get this cleared as it will eventually lead to leaking and a much bigger and more expensive problem.
  • Spin Cycle Not Working – You may not notice this one on your own, but if your clothes come out of your washing machine dripping wet, there’s a good chance that your washing machine’s drum isn’t spinning. This could be caused by a number of complicated issues, be sure to call a qualified technician to do your washing machine repair.
  • Washing machine Won’t Turn On – If your washing machine is dead and won’t turn on, there usually an easy fix. Most major brands of washing machines have a sensor to detect an imbalance in the drum. For example, if you loaded all the clothes onto one side of the drum this would cause an imbalance and could cause major damage while spinning at high speeds. To prevent this, a sensor in your washing machine activates a kill switch and prevents it from powering up. Try rebalancing the load in your washer. If your washing machine still doesn’t turn on then you most likely have a problem with the circuitry which is a problem best left for our appliance repair technicians.
  • There’s no water – If there is no water coming into your washing machine and everything is connected properly, it might be simple as you don’t have your water valve turned on. If you do, it could be caused by sediment build-up in the valve or a bad pump.


If you are currently experiencing any of the above or have a different problem, you need to seek professional appliance repair services. CAI offers professional and efficient repair services at affordable prices. Call us today for a free quote over the phone – 0415 343 413

Call-out fee is $149* +GST which includes the first 30 minutes then $69 per 30 minutes thereafter. The cost of parts is additional. If you have a second appliance on the same premises, it will only be $69* +GST plus the cost of parts. 

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

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